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President and CEO

The FINAL FANTASY series is marking its 30th anniversary and I would like to thank everyone who has supported this franchise.

Since the original game released in 1987, the series has evolved into the widely recognized franchise it is today by taking on new challenges while sharing motifs such as crystals and magic. Each and every title is unique in their own way from its game design to its story and I believe everyone must have their own favorite title in the series.

Once again, we appreciate your support in partaking in these journeys with us, and it brings us joy that everyone is able to enjoy FINAL FANTASY in their own way.

FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary Executive Producer

The FINAL FANTASY series will be commemorating its 30th anniversary year in 2017.

Ever since the original FINAL FANTASY released on December 18, 1987, we have built on the series and were able to bring its latest installment, FINAL FANTASY XV, to all of you last year.

All of this is due to our fans who have continued to support the series. With that, I would like to kick off this 30th anniversary year by expressing our appreciation for all of you.

Thank you very much!

Please look forward to FINAL FANTASY as the series aims to continuously challenge itself in delivering new gaming experiences, not only in its 30th year, but also in its 31st year and onwards!

Game Designer
Mistwalker Corporation CEO

It brings me joy to see any stage in my own child’s development, but perhaps what stands out to me is its ascension to adulthood. My daughter, who I raised in Honolulu, is turning 16 years old and marks an important time in our lives.

My son, FINAL FANTASY, has now turned thirty and I am grateful to be witnessing him properly walk on his own path as a fully-fledged adult. Above all, I was happy to hear the words that came from Hajime Tabata recently, that “FINAL FANTASY will continue taking on challenges.”

Do not fear, be courageous, and keep on walking, son.

A conversation I had with Nobuo Uematsu 30 years ago –
There is an importance of being bold and stepping forward into the unknown. As a result, a greater feeling of fulfillment will be achieved. The most essential point is that underneath it all, there lies an energy that moves everyone’s heart.

Son, let us both remember this in our hearts and continue marching on.